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family domain and web portal


This is a family related internationally operated Domain. It's name is derived from the Saxon horse , which is the heraldic animal representing many countries and regions worldwide, but has it's origin in Germany. Particularly Westphalia is characterized by the white horse, and Westphalia is home of the Schöffler family since at least the 19th century. Members of the family emigrated in the late 19th and early 20th century, so we're now spread across the world, with relatives living e.g. in the United States, South Africa, the UK, Russia, Switzerland and, of course, still in Germany.

During the turbulent and disturbing first half of the 20th century contacts got lost, and until roundabout 2010 those who lived in Europe didn't even know they had relatives living overseas, and vice versa. Thanks to the research and effort of family member Ulrich Weber we re-discovered "ourselves", which is a great benefit for all of us.

This Internet site is a contribution to not getting lost again. Whoever feels to belong to us - relative or good friend - might place content on this site, communicate, find entertainment and information or even work whith means of this platform.
So, whenever you want to know what's going on about and around us, this might be the place to get informed and in touch.

Although the site is quite new, we hope that interesting and useful content will soon be available.

Have fun!