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Winter in East Frisia (Germany) - Emden (Knock), Moormerland, Leer, Ihlow, February 2021

by Roswitha and Stephan

Driving and walking through the countryside of East Frisia (Ostfriesland) in February 2021, we took some photos, documenting a typical winter setting in this area.

./knock_20210212_01_tiny.jpg ./knock_20210212_02_view_eemshaven_tiny.jpg
Knock coast near Emden, at the mouth of River Ems into the North Sea View towards Eemshaven (Netherlands)

./knock_20210212_03_beach_tiny.jpg ./knock_20210212_04_beach_tiny.jpg
View towards Knock beach Knock beach is a dog beach as well

./knock_20210212_05_beach_tiny.jpg ./knock_20210212_06_dunes_tiny.jpg
Knock beach Dunes above Knock beach

./knock_20210212_07_beach_ice_tiny.jpg ./knock_20210212_08_beach_holly_tiny.jpg
Ice on the beach Holly has good fun

./knock_20210212_09_beach_ice_tiny.jpg ./knock_20210212_10_beach_holly_tiny.jpg
Ice on the beach Holly

./knock_20210212_11_view_delfzijl_tiny.jpg ./knock_20210212_12_ems_ship_tiny.jpg
View towards Delfzijl (Netherlands) Ship heading to Emden

./knock_20210212_13_view_eemshaven_tiny.jpg ./knock_20210212_14_siel_tiny.jpg
View towards Eemshaven (Netherlands) Statues

./knock_20210212_15_siel_tiny.jpg ./knock_20210212_16_siel_tiny.jpg
Knock Siel ... Statues

./knock_20210212_17_siel_tiny.jpg ./knock_20210212_18_siel_tiny.jpg
Knock Siel ... Preflooder

./knock_20210212_19_canal_tiny.jpg ./knock_20210212_20_canal_tiny.jpg
Knock Canal "Knockster Sieltief"

./moormerland_20210213_21_canal_tiny.jpg ./moormerland_20210213_22_hammrich_tiny.jpg
Between Oldersum and Gandersum: Canal ... ... and "Hammrich"

./moormerland_20210213_23_rood_acht_tiny.jpg ./moormerland_20210213_24_rood_acht_tiny.jpg
Oldersum ... ... Settlement "Rood Acht"

./moormerland_20210213_25_canal_tiny.jpg ./moormerland_20210213_26_view_ditzum_tiny.jpg
Canal ("Tief") between Oldersum and Gandersum View across Ems dike towards Ditzum

./moormerland_20210213_27_goose_tiny.jpg ./moormerland_20210213_28_hunting_dog_tiny.jpg
Goose on the run ... ... hunting dog :-)

./moormerland_20210213_29_ice_tiny.jpg ./moormerland_20210213_30_view_ditzum_tiny.jpg
Icy ditch Closer view towards Ditzum

./moormerland_20210213_31_boats_and_car_train_tiny.jpg ./moormerland_20210213_32_canal_ice_tiny.jpg
Emsside Canal Marina, car transport train from VW Emden passing by ... Ice on Emsside Canal

./moormerland_20210213_33_canal_ice_tiny.jpg ./moormerland_20210213_34_canal_junction_tiny.jpg
Emsside Canal ... ... and junction with a smaller canal joining from north-east

./moormerland_20210213_35_boat_tiny.jpg ./moormerland_20210213_36_water_tiny.jpg
Boat on Emsside Canal Icy pond by Oldersum rail crossing

./leer_20210214_37_bruecke_tiny.jpg ./leer_20210214_38_ems_tiny.jpg
Jan Berghaus Brücke crossing River Ems at Leer Ice on River Ems, view towards mouth of River Leda (joining from left side)

./leer_20210214_40_ems_tiny.jpg ./leer_20210214_41_ems_tiny.jpg
River Ems, view from the Bridge towards Weener (Reiderland) View downstream towards Moormerland and Emden

./leer_20210214_42_ice_ems_tiny.jpg ./leer_20210214_43_dike_tiny.jpg
Ice on River Ems View towards the dike and the town of Leer

./leer_20210214_44_rail_bridge_tiny.jpg ./leer_20210214_45_leda_barrage_tiny.jpg
Rail bridge across River Leda at Leer Leda barrage at Leer

./leer_20210214_46_holly_tiny.jpg ./leer_20210214_47_dike_sled_tiny.jpg
Holly in the snow Sledding at the dike


./leer_20210214_49_town_tiny.jpg ./leer_20210214_50_town_tiny.jpg
Leer ... ... historic town

./leer_20210214_51_town_tiny.jpg ./leer_20210214_52_harbour_tiny.jpg
Town Hall Leer Harbour, view towards the Isle of Nesse

./leer_20210214_53_harbour_tiny.jpg ./leer_20210214_54_harbour_tiny.jpg
Leer Harbour ... ... with ice

./leer_20210214_55_town_tiny.jpg ./leer_20210214_56_town_tiny.jpg
"Gro├če Kirche" ... ... evangelic church of Leer

./ihlow_20210214_57_ems_jade_canal_tiny.jpg ./ihlow_20210214_58_ems_jade_canal_tiny.jpg
Icy Ems-Jade Canal near Ihlow Ems-Jade Canal

./forlitz_20210214_59_grosses_meer_tiny.jpg ./forlitz_20210214_60_grosses_meer_tiny.jpg
Lake "Großes Meer" near Forlitz ... ... frozen

./forlitz_20210214_61_hammrich_tiny.jpg ./forlitz_20210214_62_canal_tiny.jpg
Hammrich ... ... and Canal near Forlitz

© Roswitha Nee, Stephan Klünker, 3rd April 2021